Personal Strategic Coaching Your Life, Your Vision Fully Realized! Learn about my 11 step time-tested process.

DogWatch Navigation LLC​​

Your Life, Your Vision; Fully Realized!​​
Personal Strategic Coaching / Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  1. Focused Effort
    We provide the tools that allow people to follow their dreams for themselves, and their communities. We help individuals create the support structures to ensure the ongoing life of their vision and goals.
  2. Strategic Planning
    We help people, like you, create a strategic plan that identifies, and helps them achieve their personal dreams.
  3. Realized Dreams
    We help individuals create the support structures to ensure the ongoing success of their vision and goals.
  4. Pogo Wisdom
    "We are confronted by insurmountable opportunities."
  5. Life Challenges
    “Inch by inch, life's a cinch. Yard by yard, life's hard.” ― John Bytheway
  6. There is No Single Solution
    There is no cookie cutter, one size fits all solution! I use tools from a variety of disciplines to move you toward reaching your specific goals.
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Your Vision, Fully Realized!
Do you feel like you need to make choices between relationship, career and health goals? Are you afraid if you decide to work on your career you will need to need to give up having a family? Do you think you need to have the perfect body before you can find the perfect mate? Have you tried things that haven’t worked but you are ready to succeed?
When you work with me using the DogWatch Navigation time-tested 11 step process, we’ll help you get super clear on what you want to achieve in all aspects of your life, and then craft the specific steps you need to take to make those dreams come true. You’ll be getting ongoing support from a CCA certified life coach specializing in emotional intelligence with CBT certification and decades of successful strategic impact on clients.

Imagine seeing results almost immediately. The DogWatch Navigation process is designed to provide you with tangible results throughout the process as well as a long range sustainable plan that allows you to reach goals in all aspects of your life. Imagine the thrill of bringing your relationship goals into reality; of knowing you are doing the work you were meant to do; of confidently living a healthy life-style that fits your personality, preferences, and needs.

What I have found is that when you are in transition or trying to reach any goal you sometimes struggle with your direction or next steps in the real attainment of that goal.

So, what I do is look not at just the single goal or idea, instead I help you look at your full life, the 360 degrees of you.

This works because we can then discover the deeper need or desire you are reaching toward.

We do this through an examination of your principles and values. Then in a process using best practices from strategic planning for businesses, coaching, and CBT, I can help you craft a life plan that includes all the goals you want to achieve. The plan breaks done your goals into simple easily attained steps with great detail and timelines spanning 3 to 5 years.

The result is a sustainable solution for you to live exactly the life you want, attain all your goals, and be happier with yourself every step of the way.
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  1. W. Blackburn
    "Caryl has been invaluable as a mirror, helping me see patterns in my life so that I can work to change my behaviors for the better and move towards my goals. She is personable, funny, caring, and non-judgmental, which creates space to be honest about my issues, smoothing the way for working through those issues as effectively as possible, so that I can start moving in the directions I want to in my life. I highly recommend her as a coach."
  2. L. Hardy
    L. Hardy
    "Thank you! I'm amazed by you! Life coaching with you at the start of it all helped me get through a lot of the stress and anxiety I had! Balancing 3 jobs, my mom and grad school has been an interesting experience! That trick you taught me to about prioritizing was a life changer!!! You are the best!"
  3. R. Sanders, Board Chair
    R. Sanders, Board Chair
    "Thank you so very much for your thoughtful and direct contributions over the past few months. I look forward to working with you in the future. You are a champion of non-profits nationwide."
Personal Strategic Coaching Your Life, Your Vision Fully Realized! Learn about my 11-step time tested process.