Personal Strategic Coaching Your Life, Your Vision Fully Realized! Learn about my 11 step time-tested process.
Caryl, a certified strategic life coach specialized in Emotional Intellegence, has spent years helping individuals, businesses and community-based organizations create strategic plans and collaborative efforts. She has provided leadership and training for dozens of large and small organizations. For seven years at Covenant to Care for Children, she brought that expertise and passion to the programs and community serving abused, neglected, or at-risk children of Connecticut.

Caryl is certified as a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Practitioner, using the CBT methodologies to transform dysfunctional emotions and behaviors to produce happier more fulfilling daily outcomes.

While Caryl was managing partner of Fulfillment LLC, she developed strategic planning tools and trainings used to create highly positive outcomes for her clients. She has worked with many organizations in the San Francisco and Monterey Bay regions and across the USA, including the Volunteer Centers; United Way; and American Red Cross. These tools were transformed into a unique process which enables individuals to create their own personal strategic plan. Since 2004, Caryl has successfully guided artists, business professionals, retirees, new college graduates, and other persons in life transition phases through her process of strategic life planning.

Outside of a long association with the nonprofit sector and service to community, she brings focused leadership, marketing, planning, development and management skills. Caryl has experience in outreach, public speaking, fund raising, event management, and the creation and empowerment of diverse communities in the nonprofit sector. She has participated in the development of volunteer programs and trainings, worked with news media as a spokes person, built CBO collaboratives, and participated on the creation of UN Community Sustainability Papers presented in Autumn 2002 in Johannesburg. Also in 2002 she came off a series of funding campaigns for the Center for Healing and Wellness, AIDS, Breast Cancer, and MS.

Her interests have to do with children, family, health, agricultural sustainability and higher levels of conscious living. She is herself a single parent of a now adult son, and has been challenged by several serious illnesses. Caryl discovered through these experiences that there are ways of viewing reality that are more productive and evolved than others.

She has decades of excellence in building enterprises and not-for-profit organizations into creative, effective resources. She is a proactive leader adept at creating vision and developing action plans to consistently drive donor revenues and maximize community awareness. She is an advocate who skillfully builds consensus to drive organizational growth and change, developing solutions to meet community needs and organizational challenges.

Now, through DogWatch Navigation, Caryl Hallberg is offering to work with you to not only discover where you want to go with your life but to specifically plan how to get there and achieve all of your dreams.

Caryl Hallberg is the author
of Rich Board, Poor Board; and Your Diet Success Plan: Lower Your Weight and Elevate your Health and Happiness, and of the forthcoming book Navigating to Joy: 11 Steps Mapping Your Personal Path to Fulfillment. She offers a monthly podcast on living your best possible life, Navigation Points.

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My Personal Mission Statement

Certified Coaches Alliance

Navigation Points Podcast

In order to be fully touched by life and in order to touch those whose paths cross mine in a meaningful way I will walk in loving kindness, generosity of spirit, simplicity and humility. 

I will strive to inspire others to revolutionary thinking and action through the empowerment of vulnerable populations.

I will set standards for myself to give the highest level of focused service with courage, imagination, intellectual curiosity, tears and laughter. 

I will lead a life centered in honesty and justice. I will find compassion and joy in others and try to implement similar characteristics, like patience and mindfulness in myself. 

I will remember that what is important to me in life are my son, spiritual
fulfillment, respect for life, and my responsibility for personal health.

My home will welcome family and friends, my garden will offer sanctuary and poetry to visitors, my interactions will offer visions of dreams fulfilled for others, myself and the world to explore. 

I will recognize my strengths and develop my talents as an articulate, artistic, clever, and creative individual. I will envision myself to become a person, who my loved ones think is loyal and caring. 

I will seek out each day:
A child's laugh 

Each day I will:
Laugh at myself

I will each day write my soul, debate my foe's position, tell a story, end a bit of suffering, and take a walk.
If you find yourself at a cross roads, if you are in a transition phase of life, or if you are frustrated with any part of your life, join the conversation with Caryl and her guests. This is where you can learn to plan and live a life of fulfillment and success.

The themes of the podcast work around
  • Significance
  • Joy
  • Fulfilment
  • Life plans
  • Success
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Personal Strategic Coaching Your Life, Your Vision Fully Realized! Learn about my 11-step time tested process.