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If you find yourself at a cross roads, if you are in a transition phase of life, or if you are frustrated with any part of your life, join the conversation with Caryl and her guests. This is where you can learn to plan and live a life of fulfillment and success.
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If you are an entrepreneur, or sole-proprietor of a small business offering services or product, I know exactly how frustrating it is to find new clients and customers. The toughest business decisions you must make are how to spend the very limited marketing dollars you have. What will get you the most bang for your few bucks?

Navigation Points is available through all the major podcast providers, including iTunes, IHeartRadio, Google+ (for android), Spotify, and more. Once a podcast episode is released it is available forever through all these outlets, and via the Dogwatch Navigation website, two Navigation Points websites, and on Libsyn, where we host the podcast.

The Navigation Points podcast is themes focus on personal:
•          Significance
•          Joy
•          Fulfilment
•          Life goals
•          Success in life

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Navigation Points #19 Imagining Hope

Navigation Points #19 Imagining Hope
This is Part One of Three of a special conversation is cohosted by Caryl Hallberg host of Navigation Points and principle at DogWatch Navigation, and Russ Jennings, host of the podcast series Love in a Dangerous Time and founder of Common Soul Productions. Joining them around the table are The Reverend Doctor Robert L. Brashear; The Reverend Doctor Clyde Kuemmerle; Reverend Stephen C. Holton; Reverend Stephen H Phelps; Reverend Suzanne Wiedel-Pace, Joel McGlynn. These amazing thought and faith leaders have agreed to sit down with us over breakfast and offer their ideas on the topic of hope.

The Rev. Dr. Robert L. Brashear
Retired Presbyterian Minister. Now teaching in seminaries in the US, Europe and Latin America. Singer/songwriter, performing often in NYC.

The Reverend Doctor Clyde Kuemmerle
Clyde Kuemmerle, M.Div, Ph.D. has worked with the hungry and homeless of New York for thirty years; thirteen of which were as the Associate Director of the Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen. Rev. Dr. Kuemmerle works with the Micah Institute on issues of Social and Economic Justice. He is the founder of Ecclesia Ministries of New York, which offers pastoral care to the homeless through weekly (rain or shine) religious services in three of New York’s city parks.

Reverend Stephen C. Holton
An Episcopal priest for 30 years, doing multi cultural ministry for 35 years.

Reverend Stephen H Phelps
Retired Presbyerian Minister. Now working on special projects for the Presbytery of New York, and with the Micah Institute.

Reverend Suzanne Wiedel-Pace – pastor, chaplain, social worker and seeker of hope and hope seeker and art maker.

Joel McGlynn
Student of philosophy and religion, writer, and musician/performer in the duo, Hot Glue and the Gun.

Russ Jennings
Feral Christian, editor of the Micah Institute newsletter, host/producer of podcast, Love in a Dangerous Time. 

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Navigation Points #20 Constructing Hope

This episode of Navigation Points, Constructing Hope, is Part Two of a conversation on hope which is taking place in NYC over breakfast at Tom’s restaurant. Tom’s is famous for being the café featured in many episodes of the TV show Seinfeld.

Gathered around the table with host Caryl Hallberg are: Reverend Suzanne Wiedel-Pace, pastor, Chaplin, social worker and seeker of hope; retired clergy, Reverend Stephen H Phelps; Joel McGlynn, hope seeker and art maker extraordinar; the Reverend Doctor Clyde Kuemmerle; Reverend Stephen C. Holton, an episcopal priest for 30 years, doing multi-cultural ministry for 35 years; the Reverend Doctor Robert L. Brashear; and Caryl’s co-host Russ Jennings, host of the podcast series Love in a Dangerous Time and founder of Common Soul Productions. We are rejoining the conversation a breath after the last episode ended.

​Don’t miss Part Three, Agents of Hope, the final segment of this conversation.

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Personal Strategic Coaching Your Life, Your Vision Fully Realized! Learn about my 11-step time tested process.