Personal Strategic Coaching Your Life, Your Vision Fully Realized! Learn about my 11 step time-tested process.
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  1. Meetings That Work This seven unit video course is designed for the beginner but has tips for even the very seasoned manager and meeting leaders. The total workshop runs about 1.4 hours. I know how hard it is to find the time for the things you want to learn, so this workshop is available in small digestible bites for the busy professional. Each unit is between 10 and 15 minutes long and covers a single aspect of meeting management. This course would be correctly marketed at a value of $100 but DWN wants to make sure it is readably available to everyone! I am all about YOUR SUCCESS! I have a commitment in every product I offer to provide a truck load of useful and meaningful information that you can implement immediately. You will learn: • How to know if a meeting is necessary? • Components of a successful meeting • Five main reasons to hold a meeting • 3+1 rule • Stating Objectives Clearly • Meeting requirements & types • Presentation planning and techniques • Presentation delivery • Conflict resolution • And so much more!!! ©Art and Science of Coaching - Licensed to & Presented: Dogwatch Navigation LLC $5.00 (value $100)
  1. Adulthood 2.0 Strategic Groups The 2.0 Strategic Group is a small group of persons, over 55, who find themselves in what they may perceive to be a transition stage, but which, in reality, may be what Erikson describes as a moratorium. Led by CCA certified Executive life Coach, CBT practitioner, and strategic planner, Caryl Hallberg, the group will help each individual participant define their deepest dreams for the future and then build a strategic plan to attain those dreams. Beyond career, beyond family, beyond community, we will look at the full spectrum of each member’s life potential defining the steps to fulfillment, sharing resources, and offering concrete support toward each other’s goals. This group is designed to move participants from where they are to where they want to be, even if they begin unsure of the destination. Over the course of our work, the gap between these two points will close. We are living longer more active lives. Persons over 55 are defining what this new stage of life will look like for themselves and for generations to come. This is a time of “transitional learning” and what Bateson calls “active wisdom”. This is a pivotal time of life, and in the human evolution. “As lives not only extend but extend with higher quality, we are becoming something new in history – a new and dynamic force, 70 million strong in America and growing. What can elders (60+) do with this unique combination of energy and knowledge?” Bateson Let’s find out together! In alignment with the values of the amazing October Gardens in Goshen, Dogwatch Navigation is offering a Mastermind stylistic group designed to coach and co-mentor participants toward the creation of a strategic plan for their personal future. A closer look Discussions topics will include the meaning of purpose, psychology of creativity, grand-parenting, the economics of aging, repurposing of contribution or career, and any topic of interest to participants of the group. Package: Four 1-Hour group sessions, meeting once a week; plus, one (optional) private lazar session Fees: persons 55+ $100
Personal Strategic Coaching Your Life, Your Vision Fully Realized! Learn about my 11-step time tested process.