Personal Strategic Coaching Your Life, Your Vision Fully Realized! Learn about my 11 step time-tested process.
   Let me design the program best suited to your individual needs

I work with individuals who want a fulfilling, joyous life but feel frustrated, unfocused, or are in transition. I seek to set your entire life on a path to fulfillment. DogWatch Navigation helps you imagine and become your  best self. We do this by providing the tools you need to reach your dreams, using our unique 11 step process created from the best practices of business strategies and successfully tested for over almost two decades I base my work on the principles of trust, commitment, generosity, prosperity, and service to community.  Facilitating dynamic conversations and interaction, DogWatch Navigation helps participants find unity, clarity, and realistic plans for producing specific measurable results. 
   Services include:
 Packages tailored to each individual
  • Piloting to Clear Dynamic Goals
  • Strategic Coaching
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Practice
  • Guidance through Strategic Planning
  • Motivational Presentations
  • Facilitation of Group Conversations and Meetings
  • Officiant at Weddings and other LIfe Affirmation Ceremonies
I offer intensive one-on-one personal strategic planning work, taking you through a step-by-step process using my innovative Strategic Planning Guide and dynamic conversations resulting in a detailed map to lead you as an individual toward the discovery and achievement of your dreams.

I offer ongoing coaching, CBT, and consultation on a month-to-month basis using email, telephone, or Skype. My desire is to provide the encouragement and thoughtful tools you need to reach your goals.

I also offer short-term planning resulting in focused efforts toward immediate objectives.
   Just For Groups
I provide focused leadership of meetings and facilitate the conversations of problem-solving groups.

I offer group coaching in specific focus areas.

I offer motivational presentations for groups hoping to reach higher levels of achievement and success in realizing their shared vision.
To receive more information on my services, please contact me with a brief outline of your needs and the best time and way of contacting you. Remember, It's your journey!​​
  New in 2019 - CBT Package to change your life
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  1. Full Access Package (12 months) - One 50-minute session per week, Unlimited texting engagement, One emergency session per month. $2500* ~ Must be paid in full at start of contract period. Only ten slots are available!
  2. Sample Consultation: 30 min. Free!
  3. Initial Session: 50 min. Free for referrals
  4. Coaching Package: 12–50 min. sessions $600*
  5. Strategic Planning for Individuals Package: 12–50 min. sessions $900* (discounts for referrals and FNF)
  6. Strategic Planning for Individuals Package II: 24–50 min. sessions $1800* (discounts for referrals and FnF)
  7. NEW in 2019! The Cognitive Behavior Therapy Package is for 20 50-minute CBT sessions. Learn more...Limited Packages Available. $1000
  8. Healthy Lifestyle Weight Control Program Nine weeks to design and implement a sustainable lifestyle plan that will assure the nutrition you need, and start you on the journey to a healthier fit you. $500 (discount with promotion code)
  9. Speaking Engagement/Presentation Starting at $500 (plus costs)
  10. Weddings and Special Occasions Officiant -Rituals and ceremonies for all the times of your life, designed specifically for you. ULC ordained minister, licensed to perform weddings. No charge for clients of 3 or more months. Range for service $150 -$300 per event, plus costs and travel.
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* Because I have chosen a nomadic lifestyle, I do not participate in insurance programs. In certain instances, I will accept the standard copay, in lieu of full payment, to accomdate individuals who otherwise cannot afford my services. I've done my best to keep the cost of services low to accomodate both insured and uninsured persons.

Personal Strategic Coaching Your Life, Your Vision Fully Realized! Learn about my 11-step time tested process.